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Target Factory Partner List

The following is a list of factories that produce Target brand products. Please note that Target does not own or operate these factories, any party wishing to visit a factory should contact that factory directly for permission, respect local laws and customs around privacy and site access. This list will be updated on a regular basis.

Last updated 29 May 2019.


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
Aboni Fashions Ltd. Plot # 23-24, Union Tetulzhora, Hemayetpur Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Active Composite Mills Ltd Zirabo, Ashulia Savar, Dhaka-1341,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Alim Knit (BD) Limited Kashimpur, Nayapara, Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Alpha Clothing Ltd Tenguri, BKSP, Ashulia, Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aman Knittings Ltd Kulashur Hemayetpur, Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Babylon Garments Ltd 2-B/1, Darussalam Road, Mirpur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Best Shirts Ltd 35 Kunia, Borobari PO- National University Gazipur Sadar,Gazipur, Bangladesh
Canvas Garments Pvt Ltd 301 North Nasirabad Industrial Area Baizid Bostami Road,Chittagong, Bangladesh
Chorka Textile Ltd. Kazirchor, Palash Danga Bazar, Narshingdi, 1610,Narshingdi, Bangladesh
Columbia Apparels Ltd Plot No - 228/1 (2nd & 3rd floor), Tin Sharak, Luxmipura, Joydebpur Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dazzling Dresses Ltd. 51-52, Shah Kabir Mazar Road, Mosair, Post + Thana: Dokhkhin Khan,,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Durable Plastic Limited MULGAON, KALIGONJ, GAZIPUR-1722 Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Flamingo Fashions Ltd. Mariali, Joydebpur, Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
FOUR H APPARELS LTD. 295, Jalalabad, Baluchara, Hathazari Road,Chittagong, Bangladesh
Interstoff Apparels Ltd Chandora, Kaliakoir, Gazipur,Gazipur, Bangladesh
Jeans Plus Limited Plot #398, Sreepur Bus Stand Ganak Bari, Savar Dhaka-1341,Dhaka, Bangladesh
KDS Apparels Limited 251-252 NASIRABAD I/A, BAIZID BOSTAMI ROAD, NASIRABAD, CHITTAGONG,Chittagong, Bangladesh
KDS Garment Industries Ltd 255, Nasirabad Industrial Area Baizidbostami Road,Chittagong, Bangladesh
KDS IDR Ltd. CDA,15(P),16 Mohora Industrial Area Chittagong 4221,Chittagong, Bangladesh
Kenpark Bangladesh (Pvt.) Limited (K-1) Plot 31– 42, Sector 8, Chittagong Export Processing Zone,Chittagong, Bangladesh
Mahmud Jeans Ltd Hortokitola,Chandra Kaliakoir, Gazipur,Gazipur, Bangladesh
Meghna Knit Composite Ltd Gilarchala, Shreepur,Gazipur, Bangladesh
Newage Apparels Limited South Norshingpur, Nischintapur, Zirabo, Asulia, Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Noman Terry Towel Mills Ltd. Vill: Vawal Mirzapur East, P.O.- Mirzapur, Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Norban Comtex Ltd Mouja-Sarabo Union-Kashimpur Joydebpur Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Norp Knit Industries Ltd. Unit-2 Reliance Industrieal Park, 93, Islampur, Kodda, Nandun Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Raidha Collections Ltd. Hobirbari, Zamirdia Vhaluka, Mymensingh,Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Regency Garments Limited (Unit-3) Plot# 37-40, Sector # 7 CEPZ,Chittagong, Bangladesh
Regency Three Ltd. (Unit 4) Plot # 13-18, Sector # 08, Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ), Chittagong,Chittagong, Bangladesh
Remi Holdings Limited Plot # 244,245,250 & 251, Adamjee EPZ,Naryangonj, Bangladesh
Renaissance Apparels Ltd C-S. Plot # 659 & 660, Mouza 93, Islampur Thana-Gazipur, Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Shanta Expressions Ltd Mudafa Kakil Sataish, Tongi, Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
SIGMA FASHIONS LTD RS-61, Dhonaid, Tajpur Road,Yearpur, Zirabo, Ashulia, Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Southern Garments Ltd Zirabo, Ashulia, Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Square Fashions Limited Zamirdia, Hobir bari, Valuka,Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Tamishna Fashion Wear Ltd Plot No. 247 Bhadam P.O. Nishatnagar, Tongi Gazipur Gazaria, Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tarasima Apparels Ltd. Vill: Golora, PO: Kaitta, PS: Saturia,Dist: Manikganj,Dhaka, Bangladesh
Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd. (Stitching -2) Pagar, Tongi Gazipur-1710,Dhaka, Bangladesh


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
Ginwin Industry (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd - 2nd 7 NG Industry Park, Road No.8 Prey Chass Village Vihear Sour Commune,Ksach Kandal District, Cambodia
Keme Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Rlous Village, Boeng Touk Commune, Toek Chhou District, Boeng Touk Commune, Toek Chhou,,Kampot, Cambodia
New Huamei Knitting & Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd Phum Keooddom, Khum Tropeing Kong, Somrongtong District, Kampong Speu,,Kampong Speu, Cambodia


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
American Hygienics Corporation Bldg5 & Bldg6, Lane 3129, Shenzhuan,,Shanghai, China
Anbo Home Goods (Shenzhen) Co Ltd Lot G, No.3 Qi Yi Rd, Shenzhen Grand Industrial Zone, Pingshan District,,Shenzhen, China
Anhui Cool-baby Science & Technology Development Corporation Chengbei industry park, Jin'an Zone,Liuan, China
Asia Automax Shanghai Co., Ltd Building 1, No. 2400, Huqingping Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District,,Shanghai, China
Beifa Group Co Ltd NO. 298, Jiangnan East Road, Beilun District,Ningbo, China
Beijing Aikon Textiles Co., Ltd. No. 3, South Side of Yanqi Industrial Development Zone, Huairou District,,Beijing, China
Bentian Light Industry (Xiamen) Co Ltd No.99, Huizuo Rd., Haicang District,,Xiamen, China
Bestway (Nantong) Recreation Corp. No.8 Huimin West Road, Rugao Economic Development Zone, Rugao City,,Nantong, China
Caili Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. No.48, 228 Industrial Estate, Henggang Town, Longgang District,,Shenzhen, China
Cangzhou Borosilicate Glassware Co Ltd No.17 Yongji West Road, Yunhe District,,Cangzhou, China
Changshu Hongyufang Garment Co., Ltd No. 15 Xietang Road Fang Bang Industrial Park,Changshu, China
Changshu Hua Shang Garment Factory No.88 Pujiang Rd, Hupu Town,,Changshu, China
Changshu Xinyelun Knitted Garment No.1 Hexi Road, Bixi New District,Changshu, China
Changtai Jieyu Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. Xingtai Industrial Zone, Changtai County,,Zhangzhou, China
Changzhou Jiaheng Clothing Corporation Limited No. 96 Xicheng Road, Jincheng Town, Jintan City,Changzhou, China
Changzhou Jintan Hongyu Apparel Co Ltd No. 8, Simu Road, Economic Development Zone,,Changzhou, China
Changzhou Regent Fashion Co. Ltd. No.5 Middle of Changjiang Road, Zhonglou District,,Changzhou, China
Chaozhou Chaoan Bojia Shoes Co., Ltd. Xianyi Development Zone, Caitang Town, Chaoan County,,Chaozhou, China
Chaozhou Lianjun Ceramics Co., Ltd B, D Building, Zhenggongxi Ave, Industrial Park, Economic Development Trial Area Section 2,Chaozhou, China
Chaozhou Qiahe Ceramic Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Middle Section, West of Beizhan Road, Chaozhou Avenue,,Chaozhou, China
Chaozhou Weida Lighting Co., Ltd. Gubantou Middle School Side, Gubantou Road, Fengxi Zone,Chaozhou, China
Cixi City East-Sea Natural Bath Articles Factory Nanyuan Village, Fuhai Town, Cixi,,Ningbo, China
Classic Toys (Ningbo) Co Ltd No.8 Xinrui Road, Wuxiang Industrial Park, Yinzhou District,,Ningbo, China
Color Star (Fuzhou) Products Co.,Ltd. Hongkuan Industrial Village, Fuqing City,,Fuzhou, China
Cre8 Direct (Ningbo) Co Ltd 45 W, Lushan Road, Beilun,Ningbo, China
Dalian Talent Gift Co.,Ltd Tangfang Community, Taiping Subdistrict, Pulandian District,,Dalian, China
Dangshan Youguo Garment Co.,Ltd No.2 Building, Industry park 2, Economic Development Zone,,Dangshan, China
Deqing County Xin Shi Jiahu Silk Weaving Factory No.88, Huancheng North Road, New Town, Deqing County,Huzhou, China
Dong Guan Sunrays Industrial Co., Ltd No.6 Kailian Road, Shui Bei New Industrial Estate, Shipai Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Chuangzhi Plastic Metal Co., Ltd. No.10, Xinhui Road, Shangjin Village, Xinan Community, Changan Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan City Huang Jiang Chao Li Technology Products Factory East Fu Road, No. 20, Diao Lang Village, The Town of Huang Jiang,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan City Wan Feng Toys Manufactory Ltd. Shipai Road, Tianbian Village, Shipai Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan City Yuzhexin Hardware Plastic Product Co., Ltd No.2 Xinguang Road, Jinhe Industrial Zone, Jinhe Community, Zhangmutou Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Gainway Garment Co Ltd Hexin Road, Hetian Village, Zhongtang Town,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Gaiwach Garment Co.,Ltd. No.8 Xiangyang Road, Huangwudang of Shimei Community Wanjiang District,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Haoyun Shoes Limited No.2, North 4th Street, Jufu Road, Banhu Village, Huangjiang Town,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Heap Shing Toys Company Limited No 40, Baoyuan 2nd Road No. 3 Lianhu Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Henglitai Crafts Co., Ltd. No. 2, Hongdao Road, Dangchong Community, Hongmei Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Huayuan Toy Company Ltd. No. 113 Feng Huang Road, Chu Fa Industrial Estate, Chu Keng Village, Dong Keng Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Intex Toys & Plastic Electronic Ltd. No.33 and No.138, Wentang Middle Road, Wenzhou Road, Wen Tang Jian He Industrial District, Dong Cheng District,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Junhong Leather Products Co Ltd No.4 Building Shajingzhenkou, Miaobianwang Village, Shipai Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Liji Leather Co., Ltd. No.129, Shatong Road, Shabu Village, Dalang Town,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Lucky Plaza Shoes Co Ltd No.16 of Lingan Steet, Lingxia Industrial Area, Liaobu Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Qingxi Electronics Toys Products No.2 Factory No.3, Songgang Heng Road, Shangyuan Village, Qingxi Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Taiway ShingKee Toys Co Ltd Gongchang Road, Huang Jiang Village, Huang Jiang Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Ye Lin Accessories Limited 2/F, Building B, Wu Yue Hua High-Tech Industrial Park, No. 103 Tian E Hu Road, Xia Xu Area, Chang Ping Town,,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Yongsheng Footwear Limited No.15 Longshi Road Shangqiao Industry Av, Dongcheng District,Dongguan, China
Dongguan Youngster Children's Products Company Limited Workshop 1 to 4 Layers (Building 2), No. 1 Xing Tang East Road, Huang Village Industrial Zone, Hu Men Town,Dongguan, China
Dongyang Lvbo Leisure Products Co., Ltd. Ecological IndustLizhai Industrial Functional Zone, Chengdong Subdistrict,,Dongyang, China
Eastco Enterprise (Zhongshan) Limited 1st Industrial District, Shenwan Town,,Zhongshan, China
Ezy Storage Manufacturing & Sanyou Holding Group Co., Ltd Building 22 & 24 & 26 (In Sanyou Holdings Group), Juanqiao Village, Jinqing Town, Luqiao District,,Taizhou, China
Feicheng Jinlong Textile Co., Ltd. No.313 of Industry 3rd Road, Feicheng,Taian, China
Finix Fashion (Xuyi) Co Ltd No.58, Xinhai Road, Development Area, Xuyi County,,Huai An, China
Floralbest Art & Craft (Dongguan) Company Ltd Xia Che Gang, Ge Keng Industrial Zone, Heng Li Town,,Dongguan, China
Fortress Expert Co., Ltd A area, 11 building, Changhong 5th Road, Zhangkeng Industrial Park, Hengli Town,,Dongguan, China
Foshan Shunde Homeart Electric Mfg Co., Ltd. No.7 Shunyuan South Road, Wu-sha Hitech Industrial Zone, Daliang, Shunde District,,Foshan, China
Foshan Shunde Rihuang Electric Co., Ltd No.101, 102, Building 4, Phase 1 of TianFuLai Industrial Area, No. 39, Changbao West Road, Rongli, Ronggui, Shunde,,Foshan, China
Fujian Dehua Dongsheng Ceramic Co., Ltd Xidun Industrial Area, Xunzhong Village, Xunzhong Town, Dehua Country,Quanzhou, China
Fujian Jiabao Shoes Co.,Ltd. Jiangtou Industry Area, Chendai Town,Jinjiang, China
Fujian Jinjiang Huamei Knitting & Clothing Co Ltd Dongshan, Shenghu Town, Jinjiang City,,Quanzhou, China
Fujian Kanglaibao Co., Ltd. No.1, Industrial 6th-Road, Industrial area, Lian Cheng County,,Longyan, China
Fujian Lianjiang Feilu Footwear Co., Ltd No 1 Waipu Road Dongdai Town, Lianjiang,Fuzhou, China
FuJian Nan'An Shi HengSheng Melamine Tableware Co Ltd FuMaoLing Industrial Area, Nan'an,Quanzhou, China
Fujian Pufeng Shoes Co., Ltd Suanling Village, Xincuo Town (across Tian Sheng Lin Yi),Fuqing, China
Fujian Quanzhou Wales Garments Co., Ltd. Jinke Building, Xianjing Industrial zone, Fuqiao, Licheng District,,Quanzhou, China
Fujian Reida Precision Co Ltd No.33 Jinzhou North Road, Jinshan Development Area,,Fuzhou, China
Fujian Xinde Shoes Co., Ltd. No.12 Daoshishan Road, Luozhou Town, Cangshan District,,Fuzhou, China
Fuzhou Tianfu Plastic Co Ltd No.16, Daoshishan Road, Luozhou Town, Cangshan District,Fuzhou, China
Ganyu District Chengxi Town Hongwen Toys Factory Xiaoguanhu Village, Chengxi Town, Ganyu District,,Lianyungang, China
GD Shine Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Industrial Zone of Ji Yue, Lunjiao, Shunde District,,Foshan, China
Gi-Go Toys (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, Huizhou Branch Xingfei Technology Huizhou Science and Technology Industrial Park, The North Side of Science and Technology Road, Tiechang Village, Shiwan Town, Boluo County,,Huizhou, China
Golden Profit Electronics Co Ltd Chenwu Village, Sha Yao Village Committee, Shijie Town,,Dongguan, China
Goldtium (Jiangmen) Energy Products Co., Ltd. Office Building, Workshop & Warehouse, No.83 Yongsheng Road, Pengjiang District,Jiangmen, China
Guangdong Baodayi Porcelain Co., Ltd Gouweipian, Cailong, Fengxi,,Chaozhou, China
Guangdong Leido Industrial Co.,Ltd Nanwu Chisheng Industrial District Houjie Town,Dongguan, China
Guangdong Midea Consumer Electric Mfg Co Ltd Shunde No.1 Branch Factory No.19, Lingang Road, Neighborhood Community, Beijiao Town, Shunde District,Foshan, China
Guangdong Three A Stainless Steel Products Group No.3, XingYe Road, Xincheng Industrial Zone,,Yunfu, China
Guangdong Wireking Household Supplies Co Ltd No.38A Yangda Road, Sanzhou, Lunjiao, Shunde District,,Foshan, China
Guangdong Wireking Housewares & Hardware Co., Ltd. No.38 Yangda Road, Sanzhou, Lunjiao Town, Shunde District,,Foshan, China
Guangdong Wireking Metal Manufacture Co.,Ltd No.11 Wusha, Shunpan Road, Daliang St., Shunde District,,Foshan, China
Guangdong Woodsun Housewares Co Ltd South of 325 National Road, Dawang Industrial Park, Heshan Town, Yangdong County,,Yangjiang, China
Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd. Zhenghe South Road, Leliu Town, Shunde District,Foshan, China
Guangdong Yiboxuan Ceramics Co Ltd Wu Zhi Qu South, Dongmen Village, Feng Tang Town, Chao An District,,Chaoan, China
Guangdong Zhong Ling Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Chuangye Industrial Park Xinhe Community, Wanjiang District,Dongguan, China
Guangdong Zhongli Footwear Corp., Ltd Dongfeng Industrial Area,,Chaoan, China
Guangxi Beiliu Yujie Porcelain Co., Ltd Minan Porcelain Industrial Zone,,Beiliu, China
Guangxi Guilin Huahai Household Articles Co., Ltd Yonghua Industrial Zone, Qingshan Town, Lipu Country,,Guilin, China
Guangzhou Huadu Sanhua Plastic Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Middle Road, Dongfeng Avenue, Automobile Industrial Base,,Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Jiayuan Textile & Garment Co., Ltd No.1 Fangzhong 2nd Road, Development Zone, Huangshatou Village, Xintang Town, Zengcheng,Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Panyu Fantasia Creation Toys Co., Ltd. 1-3F, Block 3, Standard Industrial Park, Tai Shi Industrial Park, Dongyong, Nansha,,Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Sheng Feng Co., Ltd Tian Xin Road, Shi Ling Town, Hua Du District,,Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Ye Gao Shoes Co., Ltd. No. 6 An Qing Road Zhuliao Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District,Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Yu He Toys Ltd No.136, Xindu Road, Xinhua Industrial Zone, Xinhua Street, Huadu District,Guangzhou, China
GY Flowers Building 1, Xingda IND, Jixiang 3 Road, No.10, Longgang, Pingdi,,Shenzhen, China
Haining Heye Fashion Knitting Co., Ltd 1F, 2F, 3F, Building 5, No.305 Gushui Road, Haining Eco&Dev Zone,,Haining, China
Haining Irim Leather Co., Ltd No.623 Luolong Road, Haining City,,Jiaxing, China
Haiyan Xinhua Electric Appliance Co Ltd Xinhua Road, Baibu New District, Haiyan Country,,Jiaxing, China
Hang Shing Garment (Huizhou) Ltd No. 39, Shui Kou Avenue, Shui Kou Road Subdistrict,,Huizhou, China
Hangzhou Honor Industry Co., Ltd Wulian Village, Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District,,Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Jiefeng Garments Co.,Ltd Liansheng Village, Nanyuan Street, Yuhang District,,Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Kangyinghui Shoes Co Ltd Shishanfang Village, Puyang Town, Xiaoshan District,,Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Qiyao Textile Co., Ltd. No.17 Hongda Road, Economic Development Zone, Yuhang,,Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products Fty NO 10-1, Xingling Street, Xinqiao Town, Yuhang Distruct,,Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Tongyun Shoes Co., Ltd Jianshan village, Puyang Xiaoshan District,,Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Xiaolin Cycle Co.,ltd N0.3 Linbei Road Xiaoshan,Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Xinglu Shoes Industry Co., Ltd Shenjiadu Village, Jinhua Town, Xiaoshan District,,Hangzhou, China
Harvest (Guangzhou) Industry Limited No. 9 Hanji Avenue, Shiji Town, Panyu District,Guangzhou, China
Henan Hongyi Shoes Co., Ltd. Tebu Industrial Area, Huangshan Road and Central Avenue intersection, Suixian,,Shangqiu, China
Henan Jiawu Industrial Co.,Ltd North Side, West Section, Pingan Road,,Xuchang, China
Heze Fitex Apparel Co Ltd West of health-center, Wanghaotun Town, Mudan District,,Heze, China
Hong Fa Handicraft Products Co., Ltd Industrial Park, Li Hu Town,,Puning, China
Huaian Jialesheng Clothing Co Ltd No.88 Xingfu Road, Chengbei Industrial Zone, Mian Hua Zhuang Town, Huai Yin Dictrict,,Huai An, China
Huaian Lianshui Yufei Clothing Co Ltd Xiang Zhang Road#65, Liancheng Town Industrial Zone, Lianshui County,,Huai An, China
Huastar Technology Development Co.,Ltd. The Yuting R.D. and Wenhua South R.D. Junction, Chenghai District,,Shantou, China
Huatian Furniture (Fujian) Co.,Ltd. Cuoshan, Shangzhulinku, Shuinan Town, Jiangle County,,Sanming, China
Hunan Taisun Ceramics Co., Ltd Yupingshan, Yangshanshi,Liling, China
Intex Link Garment Factory Ltd 38 Xian Bang Road, Nantou Town,,Zhongshan, China
Jiang Yin Junheng Garment Co., Ltd No.60-3, Wenlin Wennan Road, Industrial Zone D, Zhutang Town,,Jiangyin, China
Jiangmen Pengjiang Zhishan Hardware Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Chaolian Zhishan,Jiangmen, China
Jiangmen Zanxing Stainless Steel Products Co Ltd Qianfeng Industrial Zone, Siqian Town, Xinhui District,Jiangmen, China
Jiangsu Bonas Knitting Co Ltd No.6 Yiwu Road, Shuyang County,Suqian, China
Jiangsu Chenjie Daily Chemical Products Co., Ltd. No.66 Renming Road, Shatou, Guangling District,,Yangzhou, China
Jiangsu Midea Cleaning Appliances Co.,Ltd. No.39 Caohu Avenue, Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone,,Suzhou, China
Jiangsu Sainty Suits Co., Ltd Xiangyang Industrial Park Xinglong Street, Jianye District,,Nanjing, China
Jiangsu Sanyang Movement Equipment Co.,Ltd No.288 Fengyang South Rd, Sanyang Twon,,Haimen, China
Jiangsu Zhangshi Textile Co., Ltd 19# Changxin Road, Hosiery Industrial Park North Park,Jingjiang, China
Jiangyin Chenlong Garment Co., Ltd. No.7 Wanfu Road, Zhutang Town,,Jiangyin, China
Jiangyin City Yongchun Garment Co Ltd No.1 Huanxi Road, Zhutang Town,,Jiangyin, China
Jiangyin Kangxin Garment Co Ltd 3 Huanxi Road, Zhutang Town,,Jiangyin, China
Jiangyin Mingshang Garment Factory No. 18, Huachang Road, Wenlin, Zhutang Town,,Jiangyin, China
Jiangyin Snowballion Textile Industry Co Ltd No. 8 Xinda Road, Zhutang Town,,Jiangyin, China
Jiaxing Innovative Manufactory Co., Ltd No.38, Xincun Road, Shimen town,,Tongxiang, China
Jingjiang Xinjiyuan Knitting Co., Ltd. NO. 3 Huifeng Jixiang Road, Dongxing Town,Jingjiang, China
Jinhua EC Manufactury Ltd. No.2 Shangjian Road, Caozhai Town, Jindong Area,,Jinhua, China
Jinhua Tianhai Travelware Factory No.315, XinYe Street, Wucheng District,,Jinhua, China
Jining Chenyang Garment Co., Ltd Eastern of Beisu Town, Zoucheng City,Jining, China
Jinlong Industrial Co Ltd No.8, 1st Street Lubian Industry Area, Chaolian,,Jiangmen, China
Kalee Children's Products Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Wuli Industrial Zone Jinjiang,Quanzhou, China
Kidsmate Toys Industrial (Shenzhen) Co Ltd No.1 Dafu Yuen Industrial Park, Guanglan Town, Baoan District,Shenzhen, China
King Glass Co Ltd Wulipo Village, Qi County,,Jinzhong, China
Kingwell Plastic Manufacturing Ltd No. 3, Jianshe Road, Shichong Avenue, Shuibei Village, Shipai Town,Dongguan, China
L’Enfant Garment Factory Ltd NO. 186, Xing Ya Road, Ya Yao Town,,Heshan, China
Laizhou Lif Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd The West of Balamiao Village, Wenfenglu Community,Laizhou, China
Landy International Limited No.192-196, Tianfeng Road, Northern Industry District, Jimei District,,Xiamen, China
Lian Ping Great Performance Toys Product Limited Zhongxin Town Industrial Village, Lian Ping County,,Heyuan, China
Liling Top Collection Industrial Co Ltd Xiejia Group, Longhuwan Village, Sunjia Wan Town,,Liling, China
Linyi Jinli Ceramics Co., Ltd. Houcun Village, Ceshan Street, Luozhuang District,Linyi, China
Loftex China Ltd. No. 87 Wutong Six Road, Binbei Street, Bincheng District,Binzhou, China
Mair Product Company 22 Jubao Road, Lianfeng, Xiao Lan Zhen,,Zhongshan, China
Man Lee Echo Tech Ltd. Putou Industrial Area, Xiangshui, Huzhen Town, Boluo County,,Huizhou, China
Master Kids Toy Co.,Ltd. Zhong Wei Road, Tie Song Village, Qing Xi Town,,Dongguan, China
Nanchang B-Land Shoes Manufacturing Co.,Ltd No. 1299 Dongsheng Road, Changdong Industrail Zone, Qingshanhu District,,Nanchang, China
Nanchang Junhui Garment Co., Ltd 2nd floor, No.2 building, Xiaofang Industrial Park, South Qingshanhu Avenue, Qingshanhu District,,Nanchang, China
Nanchang Longxin Garment Co Ltd Changdong Xiyi Road, Changdong Industrial Zone, Qingshanhu District,,Nanchang, China
Nanchang Reitz Garment Co., Ltd 3/F, No 777 Changdong Ave, Qingshanhu District,,Nanchang, China
Nanjing Shangma Handicrafts Co., Ltd. Shangma Village, Xinhuang Town, Liuhe District,,Nanjing, China
Nantong Bydesign Textile & Garments Co.,Ltd. 88-116 West Changjiang Rd, Hai'an Country,Nantong, China
Nantong Haiqing Fitness Equipment Co.,Ltd Eastern Xindian Bridge, Xindian Town, Rudong County,,Nantong, China
Nantong Hesheng Garment Co ltd Group 20, Yaojiaoyuan Village, Baipu Town, Rugao County,,Nantong, China
Nantong Jun Yue Garment Co., Ltd. Team 8 FengXian Village, Liuqiao Town, Tongzhou District,Nantong, China
Nantong Mr Rong Garment Co Ltd Bridge 2, Shenyang Community, Xiayuan Town,,Ru Gao, China
Nantong Sunshine Fashion Co Ltd No. 7 Building, Jingcheng Technical Park, No. 398 Yonghe Road, Qinzao Town,,Nantong, China
New Nanfang Electrical Appliance Co Ltd No. 213, Wenzhang Cun, Cunjin Road, Chikan District,,Zhanjiang, China
Ningbo Beilun Qianyuan Stationery Co., Ltd No.78 Nanhai Road, Xinqi, Beilun District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Bronco Arts & Crafts Limited Company Huanzhen East Road, Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Cate-maker Intelligent Kitchenware Co., Ltd. No. 46 Yongjiang South Road, Beilun District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Ciyang Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd No. 59 Beiyihuan Road, Zhangqi Industrial Zone, Cixi,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Fumao Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd No.100 Chuangye Road, Ningdong Economic Development Zone, Ninghai County,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Guanchao Stationery Manufactory Co., Ltd. Fengjia Industrial Park, Shiqi Street, Haishu District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Guangtai Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd No.168, Linyu North Road, Jiaochuan Street, Zhenhai Town,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Haishu Boda Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. No.6 Jinhui Road, Hengjie Industrial Zone, Haishu District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Haishu Chenyang Paper Industry Co., Ltd. Xuejia Village, Gulin Town, Haishu District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Henledar Plastic Co Ltd Ouchi New Village Gulin Town, Haishu District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Housewares Manufacturing Co., Ltd No.89, Weiyi Rd, Xiaogang, Beilun District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Kaibo Group Co., Ltd The Northern Industrial Park Of Zhouxing, Cixi,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Lisi Houseware Co Ltd No.518 Chengxin Road Yinzhou Investment & Business Incubation,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Manhua Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. No.228, Hengpeng Road, Henghe Town,,Cixi, China
Ningbo Ou Yimei Home Lighting Co Ltd No. 899, Tonghui Road, Jiangbei District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Ruifeng Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd No.1 ,1 building, No.338 jiangbin road, Qijiashan street , Beilun District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Senior Stationery Co., Ltd No.216, Longjiaoshan Road, Beilun District,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Senyuan Paper Co.,Ltd No.1, Building 3, No.55, Chuangfu Rd, Xiaogang, Beilun District,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Shengye Electric Appliance Co Ltd No.87, Guangming North Road, Simen Town,,Yuyao, China
Ningbo Syloon Stationery Co Ltd No.2, Zhenxing Road, Beilun District, No.29, Huapu Road, Qijiashan, Beilun District,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Tekmax Bicycle Co., Ltd. No. 158, Binhai(3) Road Hangzhou Bay New Zone,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Weijie Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Tannan Village, Zhouxiang Town, Cixi,,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Zannell Electric Industries Co Ltd Nan Yuan Village, Fu Hai Town, Cixi,Ningbo, China
Ningbo Zhongcheng Stationery Co Ltd 1st Floor, Block 2, No.50, Jinji Road, Qijiashan Street, Beilun District,,Ningbo, China
Ninghai Dingfeng Oak Mould Products Co Ltd Jishan Village, Xidian Town, Ninghai County,,Ningbo, China
No. 11 Branch of Anhui Deli Glassware Factory Industry Zone, Fengyang County,Chuzhou, China
Ouyingge Lighting Factory No.132, Wen Ming Road, Tian Xin Village. Qiaotou Town,,Dongguan, China
Panley Paper Product (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd No.8 Shunjing Road, Pingxi Community, Pingdi Street, Longgang District,,Shenzhen, China
Pinghu Best Children's Carrier Co., Ltd. Team 8 Minzhu Village, Guangping Line, Guangchen Town, Pinghu City,,Jiaxing, China
Pinghu Ruihua Toys Co., Ltd. Dushangang Zhouwei Town,,Pinghu, China
Putian Hongli Printing and Package Co., Ltd. Chuangye Road, Hualin District, Chengxiang,,Putian, China
Putian Lian Feng Footwear Co Ltd Fengshan Village Jiangkou Town, Hanjiang,Putian, China
Putian R & B Footwear Co.,Ltd. Inside Fuxing Industrial Park, Xinpo Village, Guohuan Town, Hanjiang District,,Putian, China
Qingdao Da An Industry Co Ltd Zhongcaocun Community, Xiazhuang Street, Chengyang District,,Qingdao, China
Qingdao Entex Home Textile Co.,Ltd YI-6, No.79 Chengma Road, Tongji Jimo, Qingdao city,Qingdao, China
Qingdao Kingking Applied Chemistry Co., Ltd Enviromental Industrial Park Jimo,Qingdao, China
Qingdao Mirtos Homeware Co., Ltd Kongquehe 1 Road, Jimo City, Qingdao City,Qingdao, China
Qingdao Xinli Arts & Crafts Co Ltd Kong Village, Xinhe Town, Pindu City,,Qingdao, China
Qixian Hongli Glassware Co., Ltd Xiashencun Industrial Zone, Zhaoyu Town, Qi County,,Jinzhong, China
Quan Zhou Qunxin Underwear Manufacturing Co., Ltd No.498 Fuqiao Street, Jinlong Houkeng Community, Licheng Zone,,Quanzhou, China
Quanzhou Dijixin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Meishan Fengxi Industry Zone,,Nan'An, China
Quanzhou Easyrise Gifts Co., Ltd. Eagle Bldg., Kengwei Village, Crossing Beifeng Ind. Dist,Quanzhou, China
Quanzhou Hengjiada Stationery Co., Ltd. Xi'an Industrial Area, Anhai,,Jinjiang, China
Quanzhou Louis Knitted Garment Co. Ltd North of Xingxian Road, Xinbu Industrial Zone, Licheng District,,Quanzhou, China
Quanzhou Wenta Shoes Co Ltd No.9, Haijing Road, Xibin Town, Jinjiang,,Quanzhou, China
Quanzhou Yingxiang Bags Co., Ltd YanLing GuoHe Building, No. 150 YanLing Lu, FuQiau Street YanLing Industrial Community, LiCheng District,,Quanzhou, China
Rayri Hometextile (Jiaxing) Co Ltd No.150, Xiangyun Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Tongxiang Jiaxing,Jiaxing, China
Rudong County Hengsheng Machinery Co Ltd No.21, Tianshui Village, Caobu Town, Rudong,,Nantong, China
Rugao Hanghang Garment Co., Ltd No. 8 Group 9, Xielou Village, Guoyuan Town, Rugao,,Nantong, China
Rugao HongTai Textile Co., Ltd Xinjian Village, Jiang'an Town,,Ru Gao, China
Rui Hua Footwear Co.,Ltd Min Tian Road Wei Zai Group Mintian Village, Shatian Town,,Dongguan, China
Shandong Baiyi Textile Gaoyou Co Ltd No.198 Weigao Road,Gaoyou, China
Shandong Delian Glass Co., Ltd. Guquan Village, Nanma Subdistrict, Yiyuan County,,Zibo, China
Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co Ltd No.18 Qingtian Rd Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, Linzi District,,Zibo, China
Shandong Jusheng Glass Co Ltd Nanzhuang Village, Yuanquan Town, Boshan District,,Zibo, China
Shandong Xindongfang Clothing Co Ltd Middle of Konglin East Road, Qufu City,Jining, China
Shanghai Bluetech Co Ltd No.333 HuaSong Road, Fengxian District,,Shanghai, China
Shanghai Deshi Printing Co., Ltd 1A and 2F, Building 2, NO.200 Kungang Road, Little Kunshan Town, Songjiang District,,Shanghai, China
Shanghai Guosheng Industrial Co., Ltd. 108 Heli West Road, Hangtou Town, Pudong New Area,,Shanghai, China
Shanghai Jiashun Crafts Toys Co., Ltd No.1 Building, Lane 201, South of Changye Road, Sheshan Industrial Park, Songjiang District,,Shanghai, China
Shanghai Jingsi Garment Co., Ltd. Building #3, No. 183, Fenghuigang Road, Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New District,,Shanghai, China
Shanghai Jinyi Self-Adhesive Material Co., Ltd. No.7168, Daye Highway, Jinhui Town, Fengxian District,,Shanghai, China
Shanghai Nanhui Kangjun Fashion Co., Ltd No. 418 Xinfeng Road, Xinchang Town, Nanhui, Pudong District,,Shanghai, China
Shanghai Shenxiang Lampshade company 5553,RD Wenchuan,Baoshan District,,Shanghai, China
Shangqiu Xiongyu Shoe & Garment Co., LTD Suixian Shoe Capital Industrial Park,,Shangqiu, China
Shantou Chaoyang District Antai Development Co.,Ltd. Gangrao Industrial Zone, Gurao, Chaoyang District,,Shantou, China
Shantou Chenghai Tenglong Plastic Co., Ltd. Lianfeng Road West, Lianxia Town, Chenghai Area,,Shantou, China
Shantou Chun Wing Textiles Fty. Ltd Xinpo Industrial Zone, Gurao Town, Chaoyang District,,Shantou, China
Shantou P&C Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 2nd building at Yingbin South Road Industrial Park, Waisha Town, Longhu District,,Shantou, China
Shantoucity Xiangrikui International Industrial Co Ltd The 3rd Industrial Area in Maoguang, Gurao Town, Chaoyang District,,Shantou, China
Shaoxing Yueao Knitting and Weaving Garment Co., Ltd. Nanloudi Village Fushan Street,,Shaoxing, China
Sheng Feng Shoes Co Ltd No.13-2 Shabian Road, Xintang Village, Houjie Town,Dongguan, China
Shenzhen City Longgang Yi Xing Shun Garment Factory 3F&4F, 28 YiFeng Road, ShangHuang NiuTang, NanLian Village, LongGang,,Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Lisaier Tronics Co Ltd Floor 1-4th, No.22, Xihu Industrial Park, Xikeng, Henggang Town, Longgang District,,Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Reflying Electronic Co.,Ltd 2nd F, 4 Blog & 201- 501F, B6 Blog, Gaoxinjian Industrial Zone, Fuyuan One Road, Heping Village, Fuhai Street, Ban'an District,,Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Vip-Tek Electronic Co. Ltd Floor 1-6, Building B, Xinfu Industrial Park, Chongqing Road, Fuyong Industrial Blvd., Fuyong Town, Baoan,,Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Xincang Plastic Article Co., Ltd Henggang Branch No.9-10, Xihu Industrial Park, Xikeng Communities, Henggang Street, Longgang District,,Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen YTC Electronic Co Ltd 401 Building 2000088. Shangwei Industry, Zhangge Zone, Guanlan Street, Longhua New District,Shenzhen, China
Sheyang Haoyu Garment Co., Ltd Zhonglian Industry Park, Economic Development Zone, Sheyang County,,Yancheng, China
Soleil Pet Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. No.6, Songxia Industrial Zone, Songgang, Shishan Town, Nanhai District,,Foshan, China
Sumec Star Textiles Co., Ltd. No.1 Houjiang Road, Chengqiao Tow, Luhe District,,Nanjing, China
Sunvim Group Co., Ltd Hometextile Company 2 No.1 Furi Street, Chaoyang Street, Gaomi,,Weifang, China
Suzhou Industrial Park Xianfeng Textile Co., Ltd. 238 Putian Road Weiting Town,Suzhou, China
Taizhou Shiny Plastic Co., Ltd. No.9, Zhuling Industrial Area, North Huangyan District,,Taizhou, China
Taizhou Xin Lianhe Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd No.27 Huachang Road, Chengjiang Sub-district, Huangyan District,,Taizhou, China
Tangshan Longchang Ceramics Co., Ltd No.1 Longchang Road, Precursor district of North Lake Ecologically Industrial Park, Kaiping District,,Tangshan, China
Tian Run Garment Limited Han Xi Shui Village Chashan Town,Dongguan, China
Tianye Outdoor (Quzhou) Co.,Ltd Building 3, 895# Century Ave,,Quzhou, China
Tonglu Lidu Garments Co Ltd No. 193, Jingcheng Road, Hengcun Town, Tonglu County,,Hangzhou, China
Tongxiang Hengsheng Shoes Co.,Ltd No.18 Xingyuan Road Minxingji Town, Wuzhen Town,,Tongxiang, China
Tongzhou Skyline Garments Co Ltd Qingnian Road, Group 1, Liuhai Village, Liuqiao Town, Tongzhou District,,Nantong, China
Top Bright Animation Corporation Yunhe Branch No.5,Yangfan Road, Bailongshan Street, Yunhe County,,Lishui, China
Topshow Clothing & Accessories Co Ltd of Suqian Technology Park Inovation Park, Jinshajiang Road, Sihong Economic Development Zone,,Suqian, China
Tripact International Pty Ltd Building 1-2 No.80, Xinjian Road, Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area,,Shanghai, China
Welong Plastic Product Co Ltd Floor 1, 2 Block 24, No. 39, Lane 321, Tongning Road, Jiangbei District,Ningbo, China
Wenling Yongcheng Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd No. 233 Naxin Road, Southeast industrial Zone, Songmen town,,Wenling, China
Wenzhou Baiying Shoes Co., Ltd Building 35, Xuezhimeng Industry Park, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County,Wenzhou, China
Wenzhou Dongtian Glasses Manufacturing Co Ltd 16 Jugao Rd, Juguang Garden,,Wenzhou, China
Wenzhou Hongcheng Glasses Co., Ltd. No.100 Haoxin Road, Ouhailouqiao Industry Park,,Wenzhou, China
Wenzhou Kingstar Leather Products Co., Ltd No. 40, Yufeng Road, Xianyan Industrial Zone, Ouhai District,,Wenzhou, China
Wenzhou Renfeng Shoes Industry Co., Ltd NO.600-638, Zhengsong Ave, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County,,Wenzhou, China
Wenzhou Yangcheng Leather & Clothes Co.,Ltd (Beside 57 provincial Road) Leather Industry Area, Shuitou Town, Pingyang County,,Wenzhou, China
Windream Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd The second No. 6 South Ronggui Avenue, Shunde,Foshan, China
Wu Hu Kai Yue Garment Manufacther Co.,Ltd. No.88 Junmin Road, Suncun Town, Fanchang County,,Wuhu, China
Wujiang Champion Alpha Garments Co.,Ltd. No. 521 East Street, Taoyuan Town, WuJiang District,,Suzhou, China
Wuxi Everbright Fashion Co. Ltd No. 568-8 Chunhui Road Huishan Economic Development Zone,Wuxi, China
Wuxi Hongde Habit Co Ltd No.58 Huichang Road, Chang'an Street, Yanqqiao Town, Huishan District,,Wuxi, China
Wuxi Huichang Hosiery Co Ltd Xitang Village, Qianzhou Town, Huishan District,,Wuxi, China
Wuxi JHT Group Co Ltd. No. 66, Huichang Road, Huishan Industrial Park,,Wuxi, China
Wuxi Top Garment Co Ltd 451 Youyi Street Chan'an Avenue, Huishan District,,Wuxi, China
Wuyi Shirong Home Articles For Use Co Ltd No.10, JinNiu Road, Niubeijin, Baiyang Industrial Zone, Wuyi County,,Jinhua, China
Wuyuanxian Xinde Garments Co., Ltd Jinjiting, Ziyang Town, Wuyuan County,,Wuyuan, China
X.J. Electrics (Hubei) Co Ltd Kaidi Road, Lishizhen Medicine Industrial Zone, Qichun City,,Huanggang, China
X.J. Electronics (Shenzhen) Co Ltd No. 3, Shijing Industrial Zone, Pingshan Street, Pingshan District,Shenzhen, China
Xiamen Yeasincere Industrial Corporation 3/F, No.3# Factory Building, No.58, Fengling Rd 2, Chengnan Industrial Zone, Tong'an,,Xiamen, China
Xianju Jiateng Arts & Crafts Factory Duan Qiao Xia Zhai, Fuying Subdistrict, XianJu County,,Taizhou, China
Yancheng Boya Apparel Co., Ltd No.105 Remin West Road West Development Zone Sheyang,Yancheng, China
Yancheng Qinghua Garment Co., Ltd. No.6, East Century Avenue, Yancheng Development Zone,Yancheng, China
Yancheng Yueren Clothing Co Ltd (CNW) Group 3, Gougang Village, Wuyou Street, Chengnan New District,,Yancheng, China
Yangjiang Home & Idea Company Limited No.10, Na Huo Industrial District, Bei Guan Town, Yang Dong District,,Yangjiang, China
Yangjiang Hongtai Plastic & Metal Products Co Ltd Huoda 4th Road, No. 2, Wenzhishan, Dongyingcun Linchang, Bei Guan Town, Yangdong District,Yangjiang, China
Yangjiang Jintai Manufacture Co., Ltd Yuzhong Bldg, Na Wei Industrial Zone, Yangdong,,Yangjiang, China
Yangjiang Shuntong Furnace Co Ltd Beside of China National Highway 325, Lizhidun, Beiguan Town, Yangdong District,,Yangjiang, China
Yangxin Xingda Industry & Trade Co Ltd Business Street, Zhaiwang Town, Yangxin County,,Binzhou, China
Yangzhou Jiahe Garment Co., Ltd #90 Gantang Road, Shaobo Town, Jiangdu District,Yangzhou, China
Yangzhou Mingzhou Shoes Co.,Ltd. No. 20, Fengming Road, Industrial Zone, Fangxiang Town, Hanjiang District,,Yangzhou, China
Yantai Pacific Home Fashion Fushan Mill No.188 Puwan Street, Fushan District,,Yantai, China
Yiwanda Shoes Co., Ltd. No.5, China Shoes Capital Industrial Zone (Second Stage),,Wenzhou, China
Yiwu Diyuan Apparel Co Ltd No.21, Chang E Road, Yiting Town,,Yiwu, China
Yiwu Hanmei Jewelry Co., Ltd. No. 87, Xiahe Road, Beiyuan Street,,Yiwu, China
Yiwu Zhihang Stationery Co., Ltd. No. 50,Wukang Road, Niansanli Street, Yidong Industrial Park, Yiwu,,Jinhua, China
Yixing Sanyi Art & Crafts Co Ltd Pangjiaba Village, Xushe Town,,Yixing, China
Yongkang Shengfei Leisure Products Co Ltd Loudian Village, Gushan Town,,Yongkang, China
Yunfu Flir Garment Limited Xisan Road, Chucheng Industrial District, Yuncheng Area,Yunfu, China
Yuyao City Fuda Electronic Co Ltd No.78 Fengyi Road & NO.187 Changyuan Road,,Yuyao, China
Yuyao Zhonglie Travelling Products Co Ltd Dashixiang Villiage, Mazhu Town,,Yuyao, China
Yuzhou Boyu Ceramics Co., Ltd Miaojiawan Village, Shenhou Town Yuzhou City,,Xuchang, China
Zaozhuang Yuhao Fashion Co.,Ltd No.31, Zhongxing Avenue, Yicheng Economic Development Zone,,Zaozhuang, China
Zhangjiagang City Runda Finery Co.,Ltd. Jingu Village, Fenghuang Town,,Zhangjiagang, China
Zhangjiagang Shenglong Garments Co Ltd Shuanglong Village, Fenghuang Town,,Zhangjiagang, China
Zhejiang Amriy Xianti Garments Co., Ltd. No.38 Minsheng Road, Suxi Town,,Yiwu, China
Zhejiang Avontin Underwear Co.,Ltd No.508 Suhua Street Suxi Town,Yiwu, China
Zhejiang Bidibi Shoes Co.,Ltd Plimsolls Professional Park, Xianjiang Street,,Ruian, China
Zhejiang Hongji Toys Manufacture Co.,Ltd Dashuxia Village, Xicheng Street, Huangyan District,,Taizhou, China
Zhejiang Huangyan Jingcheng Mould & Plastic Factory No.47 Ningchuan East Road, Ningxi Town, Huangyan District,Taizhou, China
Zhejiang Huaxing Feather & Down Development Co., Ltd. No. 2 Huanyuan East Road, Zhongtai Development Zone, Yuhang District,,Hangzhou, China
Zhejiang Kingvac Housewares Technology Co Ltd No.30, 32, Donggang Third Road, Kecheng Area,,Quzhou, China
Zhejiang Lianhe Qihua Knitting Co.,Ltd No.61 Damo Road, Yinan Industrial Park, Fotang Town,,Yiwu, China
Zhejiang Loamern Garments Making Co Ltd No.8 Chisong Road, Chengdong Economic Development Zone,Langxi, China
Zhejiang Rongshi Enterprise Co.,Ltd Chayu Industrial Zone, Zeguo Town,,Wenling, China
ZheJiang Sanjian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. No.26 Jinshan Avenue, Pingdu Comprehensive New Area, Qingyuan Country,,Lishui, China
Zhejiang Seniorwear Co Ltd No.15 Beidou Avenue, Longbei Economic Development Zone, Longyou County,,Quzhou, China
Zhejiang Shengli Plastic Co., Ltd No.898, Huangjiao Road, Huangyan District,,Taizhou, China
Zhejiang Stage Leather Apparel Co., Ltd Jinxi Economic Development Area, Tangxi Town, Wucheng District,,Jinhua, China
Zhejiang Sunpoly Knitting Co., Ltd No.1, Yongping East Road, Socks Featured Zone, Datang Town,,Zhuji, China
Zhejiang Xinqianxi Textile Co., Ltd. Chunlei Bridge, Chongfu Town,,Tongxiang, China
Zhejiang Youqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. No.58 Jinxian RD, Xinwo Street, Panan country,Jinhua, China
Zhenghe Ruichang Industrial Art Co.,Ltd. Songyuan Branch 1-2, Industrial platform, Songyuan Industrial Villiage, Shitun Town,,Nanping, China
Zhong Shan Bo Zhen Daily Chemical Co., Ltd level 3-4, B/L A, No.3-1, Second Road of Long Tang, TanZhou Town,,Zhongshan, China
Zhong Shan Kin Tak Garment Factory Wan An Industrial District, Ji Dong 1, Xiaolan Town,Zhongshan, China
Zhongshan Camry Electronic Co Ltd Baishawan Industial Park, Qiwan Road,,Zhongshan, China
Zhongshan Galanz Household Appliances Co.,Ltd, 1/F of South building 2, Maxin Industrial Zone, Xingpu East Road, Huangpu Town,,Zhongshan, China
Zhongshan Jingying Plastics Mould Co Ltd Section Two, 62 Shagang Road, Gangkou Town,,Zhongshan, China
Zhongshan Teamway Garment Co., Ltd. No.8, Xinggong Road, Shaxi Town,Zhongshan, China
Zhoushan Jiali Sports Instruments Co Ltd New Beichan Street, Dinghai District,,Zhoushan, China
Zhucheng Yinghua Clothes Making Co.,Ltd Linjiacun Town, Zhucheng City, Weifang City,,Weifang, China
Zhuhai Fullwing Electronic Co., Ltd Zhongshan Branch 4-5/F, No.10 Xingye road, Xinxu Zone ,Sanxiang Town,Zhongshan, China
Zoucheng City Jinyi Garment Co., Ltd. North of Xigong Village (Zoucheng Yishan Paper Factory, Gongzhuang Primary School) Yishan Town,,Zoucheng, China


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
J.R. Exports Pvt. Ltd. Alipur Road, Village Kohand, District- Karnal,Haryana, India
Kangaroo Hometex India (P) Ltd S.F. No: 1725, Part 1726, 1732, 1733, 1734, Amaravathi Nagar, Periyandan, Kovil Post,,Karur, India
Marque Impex Opposite Noorpur Village, Chandausi Road,Uttar Pradesh,Moradabad, India
Pan Overseas Plot No.4 & 20, Sec. 25 Huda Part- 1,Panipat, India
Parth Overseas Opp. Modern Public School Delhi Road,Moradabad, India
Primacy Industries Ltd, Unit 2 Unit - 2, Plot No 199, 200, Baikampady Industrial Area,,Mangalore, India
Puthanangadi Shearing Factory Puthanangadi, Muhamma, Alleppey,Kerela, India
Shahi Exports Private Limited Industrial Plot # 1, Sector: 28,,Faridabad, India
The Shivalika Rugs Risalu Road, G.T. Road, Siwah, Panipat, 132103 Haryana,Haryana, India
Worldfa Exports Pvt. Ltd. 449-450, HSIIDC, EPIP, Kundli, Sonepat,,Haryana, India


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
PT Bintang Baru Sukses Loji Kobong - Bongas Street, Block Ki Ireng Rt. 01/07 Sumber Jaya,Majalengka, Indonesia
PT Busana Remaja Agracipta JL. Pemuda, Klodran-Kadirojo, Jonggrangan,Bantul, Indonesia
PT Globalindo Intimates Jl. Raya Solo–Yogya , Ngarai, Mlese, Ceper,Klaten, Indonesia
PT Kwanglim YH Indah Jl. Raya Pagaden Subang Gembor II RT 18/06, Desa Gembor, Kec. Pagaden, Subang, Kecamatan Pagaden, Kabupaten Subang,,Kabupaten Subang, Indonesia


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
Gohar Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited. 3KM Khurriawala Jaranwala Road Faisalabad,Faisalabad, Pakistan
Sadaqat Limited 2 KM Sahianwala Faisalabad Pakistan,Faisalabad, Pakistan


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
Excel Tailoring Vietnam Co Ltd Ward 5 Yen Ninh Town,Yen Khanh District, Vietnam
Nam & Co London Co., Ltd Dong Huong industrial zone, Dong Huong commune, Kim Son district,,Ninh Binh, Vietnam
Vietnam Houseware Co., Ltd - Building 3 192, Trung An Street, An Binh Hamlet, Trung An, Cu Chi District,,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vietnam Housewares Co., Ltd. Khu pho Binh Phuoc B Phuong Binh Chuan, Thi xa,Thuan An, Vietnam
Westfield Vietnam Company Limited Lot CN 07 Tan Lien IP, Tan Lien Commune, Vinh Bao District,Hai Phong, Vietnam


Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
Kanyalux Garment Co Ltd 43/15 Moo 3, Sukhaprachasan 2 Rd., Tambon Bangpood, Amphur Pakkret , Nonthaburi,Pakkret, Thailand

Other OECD

Factory Name Factory Address
Factory Name and Address
Feelgood Australia Pty Ltd 45 main street Lalbert 3542,Lalbert, Australia
RONA a.s. Schreiberova 365, 02061,Lednicke Rovne, Slovakia
Superpop (Victoria) 38 Prosperity Way,Dandenong South, Australia
Zedpac Solutions Pty Ltd 24-26 Smeaton Avenue,,Dandenong South, Australia

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