Women’s empowerment

Women represent approximately 60 per cent of workers in Target and Kmart’s supplier factory workforce. Yet some female workers don’t have access to the basic services they need to ensure health and wellbeing, and the skills training and opportunities to support their professional development.

We believe all women deserve the opportunity to have a voice and reach their full potential, both in their work-life and home-life. That’s why Target, together with Kmart, have committed to support health, education or professional skills training to at least 100,000 women in our supply chain by 2025.

We will achieve this by partnering with our suppliers and using proven and scalable programs that empowers female workers, enhances skills and improves quality of life.

For example, in Bangladesh we are members of the ILO/IFC Better Work programme and our supplier factories are participating in a number of women’s empowerment initiatives. The Better Work ‘Mothers@Work’ is a national initiative to support maternity rights and promote breastfeeding in the garment sector. Drawing on the combined expertise of UNICEF and the ILO/IFC Better Work Bangladesh programme, the initiative helps protect the wellbeing of mothers and ensures that their children receive the early nutrition they need. To-date more than 30 of our supplier factories in Bangladesh have participated in this initiative.

In addition, six of our supplier factories have joined the Better Work’s Gender Equality and Returns (GEAR) program, which promotes equal opportunities in supervisory roles for female sewing operators. The program aims to rectify the imbalance on sewing lines in Bangladesh’s ready-made garment sector.

Over the next 12 months we intend to further expand our involvement in partnerships that support our 2025 women’s empowerment target.

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