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Bags are packed...

Have your baby bag on stand-by from around 34 weeks,
in case of unexpected arrivals!


  • Medicare card or health insurance details
  • A copy of your birth plan
  • Lip balm – your lips can become dry and chapped during heavy breathing in labour, bring your favourite lip balm to offer relief.
  • Loose t-shirt or nightie – bring something comfortable to wear during labour.
  • Soothing music – check with your hospital if they provide CD players/speakers, and if not you may want to bring your own. Wiggles not recommended.
  • Extra pillows – pillows for your back, pillow for your neck, pillows for your legs. You can never have too many pillows.
  • Watch with a second hand for timing contractions.
  • Lollies or lollipops and snack – not only for hunger pains, but great for fighting dry-mouth during labour.
  • Slippers or socks – your feet can get cold during labour, bring socks or backless slipper to keep them snug.
  • A squeeze drink bottle or bendy straw – water, juices and sports drinks can help keep your energy and hydration, and a squeeze bottle or straw are great to avoid sitting up or repositioning.


  • Baby oil – apply some oil to babies bottom before that first nappy change, for the first few days meconium can make clean-up sticky business.
  • Car seat – make sure you leave room for baby. A correctly fitted Australian safety standard approved carseat to bring your bundle of joy home is a must.
  • Coveralls, singlets, pants, scratch mittens, socks and booties – baby will need a variety of outfits to be cuddled and snuggled in, bring extra layers like cardigans and bonnets depending on the season.
  • Outfit to take baby home
  • Wipes. When you think you have enough wipes – pack more wipes.
  • Cellular blankets
  • Muslin wraps


  • A bedside clock – for timing feeding and nappy changes.
  • Two or three nighties/pyjamas – in case you are staying for a few nights.
  • Bathrobe – for if you are in a shared ward.
  • Thongs to wear in the shower.
  • Two to three nursing bras.
  • Two to three boxes of disposable breast pads.
  • Underwear – lots and lots of underwear.
  • Two to three packets of maternity/incontinence pads.
  • Comfortable/loose fitting day clothes – you may not be able jump straight back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, so bring something comfy and loose fitting.
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, liquid soap, moisturiser and hair bands.
  • Hair dryer – a gentle way to dry off over sore stitches or sore areas.
  • Your mobile phone and charger.
  • Nipple cream – can help to prevent discomfort if you are breast feeding.
  • Your own towel – the fluffier the better.
  • Framed family pictures – if you’re not a first time Mum it will make your other kids feel special when they come to visit new baby brother or sister.


  • Camera/Video camera and charger – to immortalise babies first days.
  • Cash for snacks and drinks.
  • Extra bags – between freebies from the hospital, and cards and gifts from well-wishers, a couple of extra bags to take home won’t go astray.
  • Books or magazines – believe it or not, there can be a lot of down-time for Mum and Dad during and after labour, a good read can help pass the time.

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