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The Water Bearer
January 20 - February 18

Want peace? Maybe it's a good idea to let your little Aquarian sleep, play and eat in their own good time! These inventive children crave lots of variety, especially when it comes to their toys. They also enjoy independence balanced with socialising amongst their peers. The Aquarius baby is a talker, very bright and always thinking, which means they pick things up quickly, so you'll always need to be one step ahead.

The Fish
February 19 to March 20

If your baby's a dreamy baby then chances are they're a Pisces! Incredibly trusting, these little fish are also super-sensitive and even the youngest of them will feel slight changes in other people's moods. Help develop their creativity through imaginative games and activities like music, painting and reading.

The Ram
March 21 to April 19

Usually walking and talking early, baby Aries is irrepressibly curious too! They love attention and are often natural leaders amongst their peers. But beware as they have an extremely competitive streak, while somehow managing to maintain their baby charm and innocence! Sharing doesn't always come naturally, so make sure they understand this concept early on.

The Bull
April 20 to May 20

This little bull just loves a cuddle! Baby Taurus revels in all the creature comforts such as a nice warm bed, tasty food (they love eating), soothing sounds and interesting toys. They have a possessive streak, so watch out if anyone tries to take their toys away! Baby bulls love being around family, especially siblings who wait on them hand and foot! They can also be stubborn and stand their ground, especially when leading the playgroup activities.

The Twins
May 21 to June 21

If you felt lots of kicking during pregnancy, it was probably your baby Gemini telling you to hurry up! This is a curious little tot, but one who gets bored very easily. Geminis are versatile and often you'll find them playing with two or three toys at once. With their ability to pick things up quickly, baby Geminis have excellent communication skills making them great socialisers. They are always a lively addition at playgroup!

The Crab
June 22 to July 22

As true homebodies, family is important to these cuddly little crabs, however they are ultra sensitive and will tune into any bad vibes in the household. They also have an excellent memory - for both good and bad. With a penchant for collecting anything and everything, baby Cancerians also love bright colours and drawing pictures.

The Lion
July 23 to August 22

Is that your baby Leo everyone can hear roaring? These little lion cubs love being the centre of attention and family life will revolve around them! Often becoming celebrities as adults, Leo babies love an audience and during playgroup, they will make friends easily, but can be a little bossy and have trouble sharing toys at times. Baby Leo is affectionate and great fun to have around as long as they have all the creature comforts.

The Virgin
August 23 to September 22

Virgos can be fussy babies, especially with food, and they usually become perfectionists in their adult lives. However, baby Virgo adapts well to routines and is quite happy with their own company for long periods of time as long as their surroundings are clean and nappies are dry. Often early talkers, Virgos perfectionist nature also makes them alert and observant. As babies and kids, Virgos are shy, yet have a strong need to please and help others with little fuss.

The Scales
September 23 to October 23

Libra babes adore being pampered and love pretty things right from the start! As the scales suggest, Librans need balance, so a peaceful and harmonious environment is important for these tots. Often easygoing, Libra babies are very endearing and love company rather than being left alone. In a group, they will socialise well with others, avoiding arguments and displaying the classic Libran trait of diplomacy.

The Scorpion
October 24 to November 21

This baby loves the limelight! However, baby Scorpio can also be a mystery, especially when you're up at 3am wondering why on earth they're still crying! They expect everyone else to fit in with their routines and will make sure they get their own way, no matter what. Scorpio babies especially hate dirty nappies, so watch them closely.

The Archer
November 22 to December 21

That happy-go-lucky toddler at playgroup is bound to be a Sagittarius! Adventurous and free-spirited, they're early walkers who love to explore anything, so give them room to roam and enjoy their new found freedom. Sagittarius toddlers make friends easily, however their curious minds are always craving something new.

The Goat
December 22 to January 19

Capricorn toddlers love to play 'grown-ups' and will often try to help you with chores around the house. Born organisers (just watch them at playgroup); Capricorns are also extremely patient children, who persevere at games and puzzles until they gain understanding. They grow up to be strong, loyal and mature adults with a fantastic sense of humour.

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