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Some Easter Fun

Make your own chocky easter eggs

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 to make your own chocky eggs this easter. Have a peak at this simple recipe:

  • 1 Lightly brush your egg molds with a little vegetable oil to make the eggs easy to remove once cooled.
  • 2 Add approx ½ to 1 teaspoon of your favorite chocolate melted down (temper the chocolate if possible) to each side of the mold – working across the whole shell as evenly and quickly as possible.
  • 3 Close the egg mold joining at the edges and leave until almost set, alternating the sides (approx 5 minutes each). Place in the fridge for around 10 minutes.
  • 4 Remove from mold by gently pressing the top and bottom of the mold to release your chocolate delight!

Bunny cake pops!

Have fun decorating fresh cake pops as little easter bunnies or completely coat them in chocolate for a chocky easter egg look.

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Bunny icypoles

As an easter egg alternative, create some yummy icypoles in the shape of bunnies. Fill with your favorite juice and put in the freezer, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try filling with jelly and pop in the fridge to set!

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Decorate your own eggs

Get crafty with your kids at Easter by decorating your own eggs.

One of the steps is to blow out the inside of your egg shell. This can be tricky as it doesn’t take much pressure to accidentally break the shell, so don’t worry if you have a few casualities along the way!

  • 1 Use a scalpel or pointed sharp object to pierce the shell and work this to create a small hole. Repeat this at the other end.
  • 2 You want to make the hole large enough to be able to pop a skewer through so that you can break the yoke – this will make it easier to blow out.
  • 3 Place your mouth over one end of the egg (with the other over a bowl) and blow out the contents of the egg until empty. Rinse a little water through the empty shell and blow out to make it nice and clean.
  • 4 Once dried you can decorate with whatever you like such as stickers, paint, felt cut-outs or pencils!

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