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Micellar Water... How Does It Work? by Gemma Watts
Micellar Water... How Does It Work?

Skincare trends come and go as fast as makeup, hair and fashion trends. As skincare becomes more and more innovative, scientific breakthroughs allow the beauty world to move forward. Sometimes the power of these new products and trends are their ability to strip beauty back to basics- herein lies the appeal of micellar water. A buzz term amongst professional makeup artists for years, micellar water is now readily available to everyday beauty-lovers and is flying off the shelves. What is micellar water and why do we love it? Read on to find out about the cult skincare buy you need now.

Why Do I Need Micellar Water?

Micellar water has been a professional make up artist's must-have for years now- a backstage secret that has only recently become available to the masses. Micellar water quickly, effectively and gently removes even the most stubborn makeup, making it essential for models running between shows and behind the scenes on photoshoots when a model or celebrity is required to wear more than one makeup look. Micellar water is a must have for the everyman for the same reasons- it's a great way to give yourself a fresh face if you want to reapply your makeup after work and before and evening out, plus it's a good one to have on hand to clean up those makeup errors we all occasionally make. We love using a micellar water to remove all traces of makeup before we move on to a proper deep cleanse- this way, our cleanser can do it's real job (cleansing!) rather than working overtime as both a cleanser and makeup remover.

How Does It Work?

Micellar water, as the name would suggest, is full of "micelles"- a cluster containing surfactant molecules that bind together water and oil (two elements that traditionally do not mesh well). This erases the need for one oily makeup remover that then needs to be removed itself from the skin's surface, simplifying the makeup removal process.

How Do I Use It?

Micellar water couldn't be easier to use. Dampen a cotton pad, then gently swipe the pad over your face. For stubborn eye makeup, hold a damp pad over your closed eyelid, then swipe the makeup away. To put it simply, use micellar water as you would any makeup remover, without having to deal with the greasy feeling or an oily makeup remover.



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