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Safety, security, health and wellbeing of our team members and customers

Target believes that the safety, security, health and wellbeing of its team members and customers are paramount.


Target had its safest year in its history, recording the lowest ever injury frequency rates and number of injury claims.

Target’s Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) was 19.4, a 30.1 per cent reduction on the previous financial year.

Its Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) was 3.0, a 2.8 per cent reduction on last year. As a result of this positive performance, new claims reduced by 12.0 per cent on the previous year and Target recorded a reduction of $900,000 in its workers compensation premium. Positive Performance Indicators, such as Safety Training Compliance, Near Miss Incidents and Safety Audit results, were above set targets for the year.

This consistent trend of improvement can be attributed to greater ownership and accountability of management of safety and continued improvements in inventory management, stock flow and hazard management.

Key safety projects delivered for the year included the provision of due diligence training for the Senior Leadership Team, Target Asia Sourcing safety program and maturation of Supply Chain Safety Management Processes. The focus for this coming year is to implement Safety Leadership Training for operational managers and improvements to the hazard reduction program to further improve Target’s safety performance.


Incident reports where members of the public have potentially threatened the personal safety of team members through verbal or physical threats increased during the past financial year. An element of this increase was attributed to improved incident reporting. A project group has commenced representing key functional areas to develop further risk controls and awareness to assist proactively, prevent or minimise the impact of threatening situation incidents.

Health and wellbeing

Last year saw the launch of the wellbeing program “Target your Health” comprising of “Target your Body” and “Target your Mind”. After a business wide health survey was conducted, Target initiated an all-encompassing health campaign focusing on areas of need arising from the survey. Target your Body focuses on promotion and engagement of our teams across Australia and Asia in monthly health pulse topics ranging from preventative health screening to financial wellness. Target your Mind is a progressive mental health initiative aimed at creating a mentally healthy workplace via education and provision of a toolkit to maximise the psychological wellbeing of all team members. For further information on Target Your Mind, see here.

Safety Performance

19.4 total recordable injury frequency rate

  TRIFR is the number of lost time and medical treatment injuries per million hours worked

Safety Performance chart

1Restated due to the maturation of data.

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