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Target Jargon

Retailers have their own ‘language’, which has evolved over the years, and Target is no different.

To get you started we have listed below some of the jargon you will be hearing in your new job including some that is stores related. No, you don’t have to learn them off by heart, but it will help you heaps if you try and workout what they are referring to. Always ask if you aren’t sure

Apparel What Customers call clothing

APN Australian Product Number (Barcode) – assigned to keycode

Cage/Black Cage Trolley to move items to / from sales floor, outside selling hours

Code/ Keycode 8-digit number for each stock item. Aids stock recognition at key points e.g. invoicing, distribution, recording of stock and sales. Also known as SKU

Collateral Ticketing and signage that promotes merchandise, pricing and/or events

Controller Links store registers and the central computer. Stores have 2 controllers – one controls registers and the other stores administrative data C.R.C. Central Returns Centre advice is used to return stock to suppliers via the RLO

D.Cs. Distribution Centres deliver stock to stores

Gondola An equipment fixture with shelves, arms or hooks used to display merchandise

Hardgoods Non apparel Merchandise eg Toys, Books, Homewares, Kitchenware, etc.

Headbin Display space on either end of a gondola

H.R. Human Resources

Invalid Code In-Store Manual – Instructional manual issued monthly detailing merchandise display by department

I.S.T. Inter-Store Transfer – a process to transfer merchandise between stores

Kronos (Target only)

Sign On/Off clock – records your attendance

M.A.S. Merchandise Action Sheet – used to return stock direct to suppliers or to action in store remarking, etc as advised by Target Store Support Office

Mobile Rail Used to shift apparel within the store

Modules A 900mm section of ‘gondola’ or wall display. Sections are joined together to create gondola configurations to fit the store layout and merchandise range.

M.S.D.S. Material Safety Data Sheet – an information sheet detailing important. Health and Safety information including emergency information

N.C.A. Not Currently Available – applied to lines, which are temporarily unavailable and therefore cannot be currently ordered

N.F.R. No Further Repeat – no further orders are placed with a supplier for a given merchandise line. Used for lines which will be eliminated from the range.

O.H.S. Occupational Health and Safety

P.D.T. Portable Data Terminal – used for price code checks, Stocktake and inventory adjustments

Planogram Merchandise display instructions providing detailed illustration of how to present and display specific merchandise

Q.A. Quality Assurance – a process managed at our suppliers to ensure we sell high quality goods that meet our business standards

Quarters The financial year is comprised of 4 Quarters Quarter 1: July – Sept, Quarter 2: Oct – Dec, Quarter 3: Jan – Mar, Quarter 4: April – June.

Raincheck When a customer requests stock that is advertised but unavailable during the advert

R.L.O. Reverse Logistics Operation – a Melbourne based centre where soiled damaged, returned and excess stock is processed for all stores

R.T.S. Return to Stock - Lay-by merchandise, which is returned to general stock

S.O.H. Stock on Hand

S.O.O. Stock on order

S.P.L. Shelf Price Label – a label attached to fixtures showing item code, price and description

SWPs Safe Work Practices

Signage (In-store Signage) Directional or Departmental signage

Softgoods Refers to ‘apparel’ merchandise (e.g. clothing) such as ladieswear, menswear, childrenswear. This is covered by specific display and presentation instructions.

TSSO Our National Support Office in Geelong

Vendor / Supplier A manufacturer, wholesaler or importer who supplies goods/services

VM Standards Visual Merchandising Standards - The over-riding merchandise presentation standards for the sales floor

VMMP Visual Merchandising Monthly Publication – Instructional manual issued monthly detailing merchandise display by department

4 Way Apparel Display Rack

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