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Code of Conduct
Our responsibilities

Everyone At work and work-related social situations, or any situation in which you are representing Target:

  • Embrace and act in accordance with our Values and Behaviours.
  • Make truthful statements, promises or commitments that you are able to meet.
  • Fulfil your contract of employment.
  • Learn about and comply with Target policies and procedures, and all relevant laws.
  • Role model and share your knowledge about this Code with other team members.
  • Raise situations you think could be in breach of the Code with your line manager. Encourage others to raise concerns.
  • Keep the Code of Conduct accessible for ongoing reference.

Leaders In addition to everyone’s responsibilities, as managers:

  • Lead by example. Comply with this Code, company policies and all laws that apply in your area of responsibility.
  • Build team members’ knowledge of and compliance with this Code, company policies and all relevant laws.
  • Provide an environment where team members can raise their concerns and discuss them openly without fearing or experiencing negative consequences.
  • Manage behaviour that is inconsistent with this Code.
  • Lead and manage team members in accordance with the Values and Behaviours

Getting advice Your line manager is your most direct source of information and action. Your line manager will be able to assist you to access policies. Specific policies provide detailed explanations of Target’s standards across a range of areas. Your line manager will be able to clarify how this Code applies to you in a specific situation, or direct you to someone who can assist. Our Values

  • Customer First
  • Uncompromising on Safety
  • One Team
  • Proud of Our Products
  • Deliver Results

Diversity and equal opportunity Target is committed to diversity and equal opportunity.
We will recognise and appreciate the value of our differences, internally amongst team members and also externally amongst customers, suppliers, contractors and anyone we interact with in our work with Target. We will not accept harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying or any other inappropriate workplace behaviour. I will:

  • Treat everyone that I interact with in the course of my employment with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • Contribute positively to an environment where team members and others I interact with can work and customers can shop without the distress or interference caused by harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying.
  • Not unlawfully discriminate against people in the provision of our goods and services, and in all aspects of employment including recruitment, training, promotion, remuneration and benefits and termination of employment on prohibited grounds (such as age, gender, race, disability, religion, etc).
  • Not make any disparaging or untruthful remarks about other team members, customers, competitors, contractors or suppliers.

Fair trading Target will provide customers with the confidence that we will always be open, honest and trustworthy in all our dealings with them. I will:

  • Deal openly and honestly with customers.
  • Follow safety and product information standards and action product withdrawals and recalls.
  • Honour customers’ rights to a refund or exchange. Target will work with suppliers of goods and services in a constructive and fair manner.

I will:

  • Deal fairly and honestly with suppliers and not use undue pressure, coercion or unfair tactics.

Target will interact with competitors in a fair and reasonable manner. I will:

  • Deal fairly with competitors and not influence or restrict their dealings.
  • Not enter into any discussions or agreements with competitors regarding prices, discounts or sales.
  • Not misuse our position to restrict competition in the marketplace.

Safety, health and wellbeing Target will provide a working and shopping environment where team members and customers are safe. Target will not accept behaviour that puts at risk the safety of team members, customers, suppliers, contractors or anyone we interact with in our work with Target. This includes physical and psychological violence or harm, or threats of violence or harm. I will:

  • Behave in a way that ensures my safety and the safety of others. I will not put the safety of others or myself at risk.
  • Follow all safety requirements.
  • Attend fit for work, not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs/substances.
  • Not possess or traffic illegal drugs or weapons at work.
  • Not smoke on company premises except in designated areas.
  • Maintain personal presentation standards.
  • Report any hazard I am aware of to my manager.
  • Report any incident as soon as possible to my manager.

Conflict of interest Situations can sometimes arise where a team member has interests which conflict with those of Target. For example, a conflict of interest exists where a team member makes a Target business decision, or influences a decision (of a supplier, customer, contractor, another team member), that provides a personal benefit to themselves or a related third party such as a partner, relative, business or associate. Target recognises there is potential for a conflict of interest in a range of situations involving team members, customers, suppliers and other parties, and will work with team members to resolve potential or actual conflicts of interest. I will:

  • Declare any actual or potential conflict of interest to my line manager.
  • Ensure other employment does not impair my ability to perform my role for Target.
  • Not accept gifts from customers, agents, contractors or suppliers.
  • Only accept entertainment where it is an essential part of doing business, an existing business relationship exists, and my line manager has approved it.
  • Only purchase merchandise direct from suppliers when it is an approved business requirement.
  • Not offer or accept a bribe or engage in fraud

Confidentiality of information Information is considered confidential when it is not readily available to the public. The majority of information used throughout Target is confidential. If you are in doubt, treat information as confidential. Target will not accept the unauthorised disclosure of confidential information.
I will:

  • Keep Target information confidential except where disclosure is authorised or required by law.
  • Use only my own systems log-on ID and password, and not provide them to another user.
  • Use confidential information solely for authorised purposes. I will not use it inappropriately to gain an advantage for myself or someone else, or to cause detriment to Target.
  • Refer requests for information from the media to Corporate Affairs.

Target is committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals and safeguarding the personal information provided by team members, potential team members, customers, suppliers, contractors and anyone else we interact with in our work with Target. Target will not accept collection, use or disclosure of information for anything other than the purpose for which it is required. I will:

  • Respect the privacy of individuals
  • Respect information I have or know about team members, customers, suppliers, contractors and anyone else I interact within my work with Target.
  • Collect, retain and disclose information appropriately.

Company resources
Target will not accept deliberate or reckless damage to, or the theft or misuse of its resources, or the resources of others who we interact with in our work with Target. Resources include: stock, money, equipment, stationery, files, data, records, computer hardware and software, intellectual property and company work time. I will:

  • Use company resources for the purpose intended.
  • Abide by copyright and trademark laws, including company logos.
  • Maintain accurate business records, including work attendance, merchandise and accounting records, and not falsify them.
  • Only enter into agreements with external parties to the extent that I have the authority and approval to do so.
  • Use my team member discount privileges in accordance with their terms of use.
  • Place stock on hold and/or lay-by appropriately: not in order to purchase it at a lower price on a later date.
  • Process markdowns correctly and not take or give unauthorised markdowns.
  • Pay for company stock or assets before consuming them or leaving the workplace with them.
  • Not return stock and receive a greater refund than the amount I originally paid for the stock.
  • Not remove testers, bonus stock or samples from the workplace without authorisation.
  • Process transactions, including loyalty programs such as FlyBuys, correctly and not process my own transactions, or transactions for friends or family.

Breaching the Code of Conduct
Target treats breaches of this Code seriously. If you breach this Code, or assist someone else to breach the Code, the breach will be investigated. If it is determined that a breach has occurred, Target will address the behaviour in line with the circumstances of the individual case. This could include coaching a team member or disciplinary action, which ranges from a warning to termination of employment without notice. There are some breaches of this Code that Target considers serious misconduct and will not tolerate. Serious breaches are likely to result in termination of employment.
Some examples are:

  • Serious harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying.
  • Serious safety breaches, including physical or psychological violence or threats of violence.
  • Misleading or defrauding Target.
  • Theft.
  • Actions resulting in serious damage of Target property.
  • A serious breach of Target policies and procedures or the law.
  • Intoxication or drug use.

Reporting a breach
If you genuinely believe that conduct in breach of this Code has occurred, we want you to raise your concerns. Team members who are concerned about conduct should raise their concerns with a manager. If the breach involves your line manager, raise it with their line manager. Sometimes there may be exceptional circumstances when a team member has used this process and the conduct is not rectified, or a team member believes a breach is so serious that they feel unable to raise their concerns through normal channels.
The Target Concern Hotline – 1800 201 206 (Australia) – provides team members with a channel to raise breaches of the Code in these exceptional circumstances.

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