Polyester and Nylon

Our Progress

Polyester and nylon are two of the most important materials at Target accounting for approximately 20 per cent of all fibre used in our textile products. The durability, hand feel, shape retention and washability of these fibres make them an important material in our clothing and bedding products.

However, polyester and nylon present environmental challenges. As synthetic materials, they draw on fossil-fuels and their production use significant amounts of chemicals, water and energy. There is evidence that small microfibres can also wash-off polyester and nylon fabric and garments during manufacture and use.

Our Appproach

As part of our long-term strategy, we have committed that 100 per cent of the polyester and nylon used in our own branded clothing and bedding ranges will be from recycled content by July 2024.

This commitment will reduce our reliance on ‘virgin’ (new) polyester and nylon fibres derived from fossil fuel, as well as water and energy use in production, while also creating a market for both pre and post-consumer polyester materials that could otherwise end up in landfill.

In addition to our commitment on recycled fibres, we’ll be working closely with industry leaders to understand and to develop a plan to address the environmental risks related to microfibres.

Our Progress

We’re proud to have begun incorporating recycled polyester and nylon fibres into our products, such as our growing range of activewear containing recycled polyester made from recycled plastic waste, including plastic bottles. The plastic waste is washed, chopped, melted and spun into new fibres, which are blended with elastane to create a performance fabric used to make the activewear range.

Having transitioned approximately 11 per cent of our polyester and nylon used in our own brand clothing to recycled materials, we still have some way to go, but are pleased to have begun extending our use of recycled materials in active wear to other categories such as denim, swimwear and outerwear.

*Excluding footwear, accessories and all functional trims (e.g. zips) and decorative details (e.g. lace or ribbons).

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