Cotton is an important material for Target and supports the livelihoods of over 250 million people around the world. Although the cotton industry has achieved significant improvements in resource efficiency and sustainable farming practices in the past decade, there remain social and environmental challenges in some countries, such as high pesticide and water usage.

As a large cotton user we believe we have a responsibility to source cotton in a way that minimises impacts on the environment and have set a target to source 100 per cent of our cotton as Better Cotton, organic cotton or recycled cotton for our own brand clothing, towel and bedding ranges by July 2021.

Our Progress

Approximately 76% of cotton sourced for our own brand apparel met this commitment in the past year. This was largely achieved through sourcing cotton as Better Cotton, but also includes a wide range of organic cotton products and denim range made with a minimum of 20% recycled cotton.

Our Partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative

Better Cotton Initiative

As part of this commitment, we’re partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to improve cotton farming globally.

BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future, by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity. The program achieves this by encouraging continuous improvement in cotton farming practices – such as water usage and land management - by applying best practice standards, training, monitoring and assurance. Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products. However, Better Cotton farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we ‘source’.

BCI is growing rapidly – accounting for over 20 per cent of global cotton production and sourced by over 93 brands and retailers around the world. It is truly a shared effort, encompassing people and organisations all the way from farms to fashion and textile brands.

Through our partnership with BCI and our relationships with our suppliers, we’re working together to ensure a brighter future for the cotton industry and those whose lives depend on it in countries including Brazil, India, China, Bangladesh and Australia.

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Organic Cotton

Our wide range of products made with organic cotton provides you with assurance that the cotton has been grown without the use of harmful chemicals and in a way that builds healthy soil and ecosystems.

Target organic cotton products are made with a minimum of 70% organic cotton and are certified to global best practice certification standards such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Textile Exchange Organic Content Standard (OCS).

For more information, please visit GOTS [insert link: visit] and Textile Exchange [insert link:].

Recycled Cotton

We're working hard to ensure our denim is made with responsibly sourced materials and are incorporating recycled fibres where we can. For our range made with a minimum of 20% recycled cotton, textile waste is shredded, spun and woven back in with virgin cotton and elastane to make your new favourite jeans.

Our recycled cotton is certified to the Textile Exchange Global Recycling Standard or Recycled Content Standard. For more information, please visit Textile Exchange [insert link:]

*Excluding footwear, accessories and all functional trims (e.g. zips) and decorative details (e.g. lace or ribbons).

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