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We’re saying goodbye to single-use plastic bags, and hello to reusable ones.

We have committed to removing single-use plastic shopping bags from all our stores across Australia by the end of 2019.

We encourage our customers to bring their own bags whenever they visit our stores across Australia. We will also offer reusable shopping bags for purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Our stores within Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales will begin phasing out single use plastic bags in early 2019 as remaining plastic bags are used up. Reusable bags will be available to purchase in these states from the end of January 2019.

All other states have removed single use plastic bags and have been selling reusable bags since 1 July 2018.

In 2018 the government banned the supply of all lightweight plastic bags to all retailers in QLD, WA, NT, TAS and SA. The ban is designed to help protect the environment and wildlife by reducing the litter of and damage caused by single-use plastic bags.

Our stores in VIC, ACT and NSW began selling reusable bags from January 2019 to support this initiative.

From early 2019, once remaining single use plastic bags are used up, Target will no longer offer single use plastic bags in all of our stores and our alternative reusable bags will become available for purchase. These are designed for multiple uses. If you don’t wish to pay for one of our reusable bags you can bring your own reusable bag into the store - there is no cost to use your own bags.

There has been considerable research into biodegradable plastics and studies suggest that they do not break down quickly, they break up into small pieces and can impact marine life and cause plastic pollution. Biodegradable bags have also been banned in some states as a result.

Paper bags are not considered as a reusable alternative as they can tear and crush easily. The manufacturing process of paper bags is also high in energy and water consumption, making it a greater impact on the environment.

Customers are welcome to carry items out of the store, or place them back into a trolley without a bag. There is no obligation to buy or use a bag. We may still ask to see your receipt as you exit the store regardless of whether the items are bagged.

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