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Words by Laura Culbert. Photography by Anne Peeters. Published: 18/05/23

Tried, tested and trusted, these are the baby feeding products you can rely on.

If you’re newly pregnant (congratulations!) and have started looking into what you need to buy to prepare for your little bundle of joy, no doubt you’ve noticed one thing: there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ out there, especially when it comes to baby feeding essentials. From breast pumps to baby bottles to breastfeeding pillows, how do you break through the noise and work out the actual must-haves? By chatting to mums, of course. With years of experience, they know what works and what isn’t worth your time. So we asked mums (and Target customers) to share the baby feeding products they can’t live without.

From navigating breastfeeding and bottle feeding to the transition to solids, find all of yourbaby feeding essentials at Target Australia.

Baby Feeding Basics

Whether you breastfeed, formula feed or do a mix of both , there are a few staple products you’ll want to stock up on.

We love:

>My World Baby Bottle 260ml 3 Pack. Shop now

My World Baby Bottle 260ml 3 Pack

Medela Solo Single Electric Breast Pump. Shop now

Medela Solo Single Electric Breast Pump

Bottle feeding:

Babies can be quite picky about the baby bottles they like, and there’s a lot to consider to increase the chances they’ll take it. If you’re bottle feeding from birth, a slow-flow teat is the recommended bottle for newborns to help minimise spit-ups and upset tummies. From around age three to six months, they can start graduating to a faster flow baby feeding bottle. You’ll also only need small baby bottles at the beginning – while each baby is different, with some liking to snack and others preferring bigger feeds less often, you can expect a baby to drink around 90ml per feed in the first few weeks. If you’re transitioning between breast and bottle, a bottle with a breast-like teat will help make the process easier.

We love:

Medela Bottle 150ml W Wide Base Teat 3 Pack. Shop now

Medela Bottle 150ml W Wide Base Teat 3 Pack

bub. Organic Cotton Muslin Wrap. Shop now

bub. Organic Cotton Muslin Wrap

The bottle material is another consideration. Non-toxic silicone is soft and easy to grip – great once your baby gets a bit older and wants to try to hold its own bottle. Plastic bottles are lightweight and unbreakable, but can get damaged quickly (throw them out as soon as they’re scratched or cloudy). Then there are glass bottles, which are surging in popularity among parents again because they’re better for the environment, easy to clean and surprisingly durable (although not unbreakable).

Even if you’re equipped with a bottle brush, most mums will recommend buying bottles that are dishwasher-safe – no-one wants to spend time washing up when they don’t need to, especially busy new mums. (Whether you hand-clean or place in the dishwasher, you will still need to sterilise the bottles afterwards, either by boiling, using a special antibacterial solution or with a steam steriliser.)

Other great features that can come in handy include an inbuilt heat sensor so you know when the bottle is at the right temperature and an anti-colic valve to keep air away from the baby’s stomach and prevent gas.

You should replace your baby bottles about every three to six months. Fortunately, Target has an extensive range of Tommee Tippee bottles, Medela bottles, Avent bottles and Nuk bottles – plus accessories like a formula dispenser, bottle steriliser, bottle warmers and a bottle drying rack to support your feeding routine.

We love:

Organic Cotton Rib Henley Top. Shop now

Organic Cotton Rib Henley Top

Lace Trim Bra. Shop now

Lace Trim Bra


Breastfeeding mums are always on the lookout for a maternity bra that ticks three crucial boxes: comfy, stylish and functional. The answer is seamfree and nursing bras, which will feel soft against even the most sensitive breasts. Easy-release clips are also a must for when you have a hungry, impatient baby on your hands.

A few accessories can help support your breastfeeding journey as well. Breast pads (either disposable or reusable) are handy for absorbing milk leaks and protecting your clothes. Many mums swear by a breastfeeding pillow, which can make nursing more comfortable for both you and the baby by taking the pressure off your back, shoulders and arms and getting the baby used to the optimal positioning. And while they can be expensive, it may be worth investing in a breast pump. It’ll mean your baby has continual access to your breast milk even when you’ve returned to work, gone out for the night or maybe just popped out to the shops by yourself. It can also relieve engorged breasts and prevent mastitis. Make sure you stock up on breast milk storage bags, too, so you always have a supply of milk in the freezer.

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Newborn Starter Gift Set

“Amazing quality: doesn’t leak and is virtually indestructible if dropped or thrown in a tantrum. Great for all age babies and toddlers, and long-lasting quality.” – Zoebee

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Colour My World Baby Bottle 260ml 3 Pack

“My baby instantly latched to these bottles. After trying a couple of other brands, she will only take these. And they are not too expensive, which is always a great bonus.” – Tiah C

Maternity Crossover Crop Top

“I wear this bra with my jammies as it is comfy enough to sleep in and is easy to feed baby during the night.” – Angie J

Maternity Seamfree Wirefree Bra

“This is the best maternity bra. I lived in it.” – JenelleH

Courtney Shirt - Azalea Pink

“Love it – easy to wear and very comfortable. Great staple for the wardrobe.” – Kmaj

How to Start Solids

When your baby starts solids – usually around the age of six months, (although you can start as early as four months if your child seems ready) – it can be exciting… and messy! Here’s how to make the transition as easy as possible.

For those starting with purees, you’ll need a set of baby food containers to store pre-prepared mixtures as well as feed your baby on the go. As your little one's appetite grows, or if you decide to try baby-led weaning (where you offer finger foods instead of purees), you may want to add a divided plate to your arsenal. They allow little ones to explore and taste foods separately – and mums say they’re great for accommodating picky eaters who like to keep individual foods isolated. Plates and bowls with suction cups underneath are useful to prevent spills and minimise mess. Also handy are silicone cutlery sets, which are soft on sensitive teeth and gums and easy for your child to hold. And don’t forget a supply of bibs. Ones that can be wiped clean are best, or opt for a smock bib – you’ll be surprised by where wayward food ends up!

We love:

When it comes to where your little one will sit, a traditional high chair is sturdy and reliable, and the latest iterations have some clever features, from adjustable heights and reclining seats to an ability to be turned into a stool or regular chair once your child gets older. If space is an issue at your house, one mum favourite is a portable booster seat – it can attach to most dining chairs and be used anywhere around the house or even when you’re out. One factor to always consider is safety: a harness is a must to keep bub safely strapped in. Also think about ease of cleaning – a tray that’s dishwasher-safe is always a bonus.

As you can see, there are so many choices when it comes to feeding your baby – it’s just about determining the best baby feeding products for you and your family. Consider all your options but don’t get weighed down by other people’s opinions. At the end of the day, most mums agree: fed is best.

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

“A great option for little ones starting their solids journey. It’s also handy for those with limited space as it can be placed on a bench/tabletop (with supervision) and is super easy to wipe down and store away.” – Keely C

bub. Organic Cotton Baby Wash Cloths 10 Pack

“These are really great for babies. Meals or bathtime, they’re a great size and texture.” – Lucylou 102

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Information correct at time of publication. If you have any concerns about feeding your baby, consult a medical professional. Not all brands or items are available at all stores or online. Due to unforeseen circumstances, some items in this article may not be available at the time of publication. This article is created for your inspiration and some items shown are for illustration purposes only.

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